Kuala Selangor Seafood 1 day trip

Restoran Ka Lok
Location: Sekinchan
The Restaurant where we had our most sumptious+ expensive+ luxurious breakfast ever...

Shoe Sole Fish with bittergourd. I don't like bittergourd, but this bittergourd was not very bitter, the taste well covered by the delicious sauce and crispy deep fried fish.

A giant steamed fish head, a serving portion that should fit for at least 5 persons. The fish meat was very fresh and sweet, goes well even with nothing but best though with the lime soy sauce and red onion slices. It is a must-try. The best taste fish of the Kuala Selangor 1 day trip.
Mmm... so yummy that we left nothing uneaten. This was the most heavy+ oily breakfast I've ever had that costs us about RM55 altogether. Hearsay locals here like to have breakfast like this to supply energy for the day, and the fish head usually sold out by early noon!

paddy field along roadside

Restaurant Seafood River View - where we had our seafood lunch
Location: Sungai Yu, Kuala Selangor (Side by side with the Jetty's Seafood Restaurant)

Hm.. this meal costs us about RM50, considered very cheap.

It is a restaurant by seaside

Deep fried Calamari - OK!

Butter deep fried mantis prawn - too dry.

Pineapple fried rice - not bad but not very good as well.

Coconut Tom Yum Prawn - the prawns were really very big and fresh sweet, but the tom yum soup was too salty and sour....

Initially wanted to have our seafood lunch at this restaurant, but it was closed for that day.... (the 2nd time I went Kuala Selangor, wanted to look for this restaurant as well, unfortunately there was a fire at road side on the way to the restaurant, the fire rescue blocked the way and I couldn't get to the restaurant... fate.... )
Hear say the Coconut tom yam prawn there is very nice....

Seafood dinner at the Jetty's Seafood Restaurant.

Location: Sungai Yu, Kuala Selangor

This table plus another plate of fried baby squids costs about RM110, for a total of 10 persons.

'Gong Poh' mantis prawn - good try!

Pan fried oyster omelette - very crispy, I personally do not like oyster though....

TeoChew Steamed fish - the soup accumulated from the steamed water was very sweet, best to go with the vermicelli. I think this is a must-try of this restaurant and for Kuala Selangor trip as well.

soft vermicelli to go with the soup of the steamed fish

Hot plate Soya Beancurds - taste so-so only

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great foods man, i love the sekinchan fish head. the best in the world